Moon Lake

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Welcome to Moon Lake~!

Welcome to the cast and crew of Pinto's petz game. Click the links above to check out the petz, and keep scrolling down to see my show team!

Interested in some of the bred petz? I have a continuous breeding service open over at Whiskerwick.

There are always leftovers available too, so check it out!

Looking for my archive? You're in the wrong place. Head on over to Castle Malloy!


9/30/2015: Added way too many bred cats, way too many bred danes, some new bred dalmatians, a new bred lab, two new bred sheepies, and some new bred other dogz.

11/1/2015: Added new bred everything!

9/16/15: Added (a lot of) new bred cats, danes, dalmatians, other dogs, and a single new lab.

9/4/15: Added new bred danes, dalmatians, mutts, labs, other dogs, and ONE new bullie & sheepie!

8/6/2015: Added new sheepies, labs, other dogs, and cats!


The Show Team

FH/Pinto's Broadripple Burning


Birthday: 10/3/2012

Hexer: Celia @ FH

Wins:  BIS

Total Points: 5

Pinto's Rabbelrouser


Birthday: 4/3/2015

Wins: BIS

Total Points: 5

Pinto's Give me a Chance

"Chase Muttley"

Birthday: 5/3/2011

Quirks: Sleepy sickness, probably retired. entered as a joke but actually placed.

Wins: 2nd

Total Points: 3